The Intelligent LifeCycle Theory

The Evolution and Future of Intelligent Life in the Universe”

“The Intelligent LifeCycle Theory” is the most comprehensive book ever written on Reincarnation and Life-After-Death, focusing on actual functionality, instead of blind faith, conjecture, innuendo, myth or magic. And it's entertaining too!

The ILC Theory, a 472 page, 6”x9” book, describes in detail the evolution, continuity and perpetuation of Intelligent Life on Earth and throughout the Universe.

All components of The Theory are based on science, statistical analysis and common sense, including recurring LifeCycles (LCs), answering the questions of  "how, why, when, where and how often" we get reincarnated.

During development, The ILC Theory posed many questions surrounding reincarnation and the continuity of Intelligent Life in the Universe. As The Theory evolved, it also provided many answers. Here are a few.

Q: If I've lived before, why can't I remember it?
A: You can, but only partially under hypnosis, with some detail. The ILC Theory identifies the reasoning for, and the advantages of, not having memories of your previous lives.

Q: Was I a famous person in a previous life?
A: Maybe, maybe not.  But your previous LCs, notable or not, were probably more interesting than you think. See chapter on Sapien LifeCycles (LCs).

Q: How many times have I lived before?
A: If you are reading about these concepts, you have probably lived at least 7-10 times before, according to The Theory.

Q: Is The ILC Theory anti-religion?
A: Not at all, to the contrary. The Theory states religion has and continues to play a very important part in mankind's evolution.

Q: Will I reunite with loved ones in future LCs?
A: Anything is possible.  However, because of different departure timings in this life, and different arrival timings of future lives, it may be difficult.